Building your accounting client base through social media

More than simply a way to network with friends and family, try these hints and tips to turn social media into a powerful tool to help build your client base and generate leads.

As one of the main uses for the internet, social media is well and truly a booming avenue to help grow your firm’s business.

Each day, millions of users engage not only with each other, but with all manner of businesses, small and large. By using the appropriate content on the most suitable platform, you have a great opportunity to start a meaningful dialogue with potential clients, as well as generate leads and build your brand.

You don’t have to be on every social media site. Just make sure you spend a little time each week to build your profile across your chosen platforms.

Social media: Who, what and where

While they may all seem the same, each social media platform is surprisingly different. Rather than being a headache, this actually presents you with a unique opportunity to create content specifically tailored for the users you will find on each platform.

Here are the top five social media platforms for business, and how to best speak to their users.


A great place to build the profile of both your firm and staff, LinkedIn is a meeting place for professionals from all industries. Share information, connect with industry peers and build your brand with informative content about your industry and your business.


Offering a huge audience to connect with, Facebook users encompass all walks of life, interests and income levels. Text, photo and video posts can include links, calls to action and even polls and surveys. You can also target promoted (paid) posts to specific groups to improve your reach.


The ultimate conversation, Twitter posts – called ‘tweets’ – can comprise bite-sized chunks of information and links to other content, which can be recirculated and commented on by other users. Keep posts short and sweet and ask questions to encourage dialogue. Again, include links to relevant articles and your website.


Focused on visual experiences, over 90 per cent of Instagram users are aged under 35 with close to 70 per cent of females who live in urban areas. Use catchy photos and even infographics to get attention. Don’t forget to include links to your website or other social media pages.


Pinterest allows you to explore a few lateral avenues to engage with users, such as lifestyle content. Users are visually driven and interested in inspiring content, and will share your posts with other users. Ensure you are thorough in the ‘about’ section on your firm’s profile.

Try posting in the morning, between 7am and 9am; around lunchtime, between midday and 2pm; and later in the day, between 5pm and 8pm. Videos attract the most attention when posted later in the day, and weekends are a great time to start conversations as people will have more time to interact.

Email newsletters

Once you have a following on social media, a great way to speak directly to your potential clients is to invite them to join your email newsletter. This could be a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly newsletter sent directly to their email inbox, which contains hints and tips on managing their personal or business finances, information on changes in your industry and even updates about your firm.

If you have time, you can write this yourself and use any number of online tools to manage your newsletter. Alternatively, there are a number of services available that can not only manage your newsletter, but also produce tailored content especially for your customers.

For example, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms will not only design a suitable newsletter to send to your clients and prospective leads, but will also offer tailored content designed specifically for your market to ensure you grow your brand and generate favourable leads at the same time.

A strategy like this can help position your business as a leader in your class and build brand confidence in your clients.

With a little time, informative posts and some considerate dialogue with your followers, building a following on social media to grow your client base is well within your grasp.

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