Tax Audit Alert


Do you know the ATO’s average work-related deductions for all occupations? Tax Audit Alert knows, and can reduce the risk of an ATO audit.

Tax Audit Alert is a module of Tax Assistant and is an advanced tax software feature that raises ATO audit alerts, specific to an individual client, at the time of entry.

Based on a taxpayers occupation, age and taxable income, Tax Audit Alert compares a taxpayers work related deductions with the ATO’s figures and alerts you if the taxpayer is claiming above the ATO’s average.

This ATO audit alert technology is a market first and will transform the way you approach tax returns.

It is impossible to know what every occupation can realistically claim in their tax return. Whoever your client is, whatever they do, Tax Audit Alert gives you the confidence to know your client is claiming reasonable deductions and provides ATO data as proof to clients that their claims may provoke an ATO audit.

It will enhance the way you engage with your clients and increase your standing as their trusted adviser:

  • Reduce the risk of ATO audits
  • Engage in specific conversations on each deduction item
  • Maximise tax refunds
  • Reduce wasted time reworking audited clients’ returns

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