Utilising social recruitment for your accounting firm

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As the demand for top talent grows, accounting firms are turning to social media in their recruiting efforts. Find out how to source your next hire through social.

Social professional networks have grown over the last four years to become the number one source of hires for staffing firms in Australia. So how can accounting firms tap into these networks and secure the best talent?

Promote your brand

Your accounting firm’s brand has a significant impact on business growth, which is why many firms are now investing in brand strategies to increase awareness.

To begin promoting your brand on LinkedIn, create a Company Page. This lets users follow your business for updates. By updating your page with company and industry news, you can build connections and attract potential candidates.

Make sure you use quality, colourful images in your updates that will stand out in users’ newsfeeds. Also, develop a content strategy for your updates. By consistently giving your followers useful information, you’ll establish your firm as an industry thought leader.

Get everyone on board

To personalise your firm, encourage as many of your current employees as you can to create their own LinkedIn profiles. Ensure they include descriptions in their bios of what their roles involve and how they contribute to your firm.

Also, ask staff to participate and post in existing LinkedIn Groups – this can attract potential candidates and promote your firm’s brand.

Approaching candidates

In Australia, 78 per cent of professionals consider themselves as “passive” candidates. This segment is ripe for recruiting opportunities, but what are the best ways to reach out to someone who’s not actively looking for work?

Use a personalised approach by sending candidates a direct message to ask if you can connect with them. After connecting, introduce yourself and gauge whether they are looking for a new opportunity. Keep your message simple and straightforward at about 150-200 words.

Let the candidate know you’ve taken the time to look at their profile and career to date by explaining why you think their background would suit the role you have in mind for them. If you are serious about the candidate and they show interest in the role, strike while the iron is hot and suggest a specific day to meet up within the next week. If the candidate says they are not interested right now, but could be open to opportunities in the future, remember to follow up with them down the track.

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